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Xiaomi Redmi 4 Review – The Best Budget Smartphone of this Year

It’s the Redmi 4, launched earlier this week and I got a chance to use it before sale. I am using it as my semi primary device from last 4 days as my calling number is in different phone.

Xiaomi Redmi 4 Review - Best Budget Smartphone of this Year


  • SOC – QC MSM8940 Snapdragon 435, Octa-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A53.
  • GPU – Adreno 505.
  • RAM/ROM – 2GB/16GB, 3GB/32GB, 4GB/64GB.
  • Display – 5 inch HD display with 294 ppi ( Gorilla Glass protection but version not confirmed)
  • Camera – 13 MP rear cam with f/2.0 PDAF and 5 MP front cam with f/2.2.
  • Battery – 4100 mAh.
  • SIM – Dual hybrid SIM with SD card slot, upto 128 GB.
  • Price – Rs. 6,999/- (for 2GB version), Rs. 8,999/- ( 3 GB version) and Rs. 10,999/- (4GB version).

Display, Touch and Form Factor: Redmi 4 has 5 inch(12.7 CM) HD display.It has 2.5D curved glass like Redmi Note 4. It is good enough under sunlight to read out everything in it. HD videos look good and viewing angle is also good. There is no negative about the display and also users can control the warmness of the display as per their usage. Touch is smooth and responsive. 10 finger touch is supported. The display has Gorilla Glass protection but as it has 2.5D curved glass, so not sure how that will sustain any drop, though I didn’t test it yet. Display is clear and crispy even under sunlight. (There is no dead pixel found in my test as of now) Now about the form factor. Now a days Mi India’s one of the USP is symmetric design. Basically Redmi 4 is the youngest version of Redmi note 4 in terms of looks and feel. If Mi Max is the big brother and Redmi Note 4 is the middle one then Redmi 4 is the youngest brother among them. From the front it looks like same as its elder brothers. Even from the back those separation lines looks same as its elder brothers, only the camera position make it difference. So, basically it is shrieked version of Redmi note 4 is design and bit mixture of Redmi 4A. The corners are rounded so it is very handy and also it is slim so the grip is also fine. But the weight of the device is bit more than Redmi 4A, but remember that it has metal body and also bigger battery. It feels bit heavy though. The buttons are smooth and solid.

Redmi 4 Review Display, Touch and Form Factor

Comparing with Redmi 3S or Redmi 4A, personally I feel that Redmi 4 looks good and also feels good in hand due to that 2.5D curved glass.
This is lowest budget device from Mi India with finger print sensor. The finger print works perfectly, it is responsive and position of the FP sensor is also good, even for a smaller hand can reach to the sensor very easily.

Camera: It has 13 MP f/2.0 PDAF camera. This is not a low budget device like Redmi 4A. Camera output is god in day light and HDR work fine. Focusing of the camera is fast. But as always low light performance is not up to the mark. Under flash indoor pics are good but outdoor pics are not upto the mark. Video quality is good comparing Redmi 3S/Prime. We have reported about the camera quality, hopefully it will be tuned very soon. Front cam is good and as always beautify works fine like other Redmi devices. Nothing to test on it. For camera it is 50-50, fully depends on the buyer that if he/she prefers camera or not. We can use FP sensor for taking pics.

Redmi 4 Review Camera

Performance: I am using the phone from last 4 days as my semi-primary device as I was only using social media apps and google chrome and Youtube. I got the 2GB version so my review is only on this version. On 2GB version Redmi 4, I didn’t face any major lag during the app usage. On a fresh boot, the free RAM is almost 1 GB which is normal on MIUI. But after loading few apps the free RAM comes to around 600 MB. But MIUI kills background app as always even if only 3-4 apps are opened. As a budget device this 2 GB edtion is working very nice and it is a pick from me for performance.

Redmi 4 Review Performance

Gaming: I played Asphalt 8 and N.O.V.A 3 on this device for almost several hours. Regarding the RAM version, I feel like the loading time is high may be on higher version games can be loaded quickly. Gameplay was smooth for both the game, the Adreno 505 works flawlessly. But the graphics look bit dull to me, as I am habituated to play games on Mi3. One thing I really want to mention which was told by Mi India also during the launch that the device heated up very low. During this summer day, when the temp is around 40 degree C, after playing games couple of hours, the device didn’t heat up very much. Atleast we can talk on the phone with that much heat. Despite of having a metal back it doesn’t feel too much hot during playing games. And also it cools down very rapidly.

Battery: I was using the phone on mostly wifi. As a heavy social network app user and also watched youtube for a long time, I should say that, it is really a power house in hand. The first charge remains for almost 1 day 8 hours while I watched youtube videos from almost 4 hours. The second charge is still going on. Battery stats are in the pics. So, for battery it is a pick.

Comparing battery backup with Redmi 3S/ Prime, Redmi 4 has almost same battery backup. So this is the very first impression of newly launched another budget device, Redmi 4.

Redmi 4 Review Battery

Final verdict: The device is launched with 3 variants of RAM and obviously in 3 price segment. IMO the 2 gb version at the price range 6,999/-, it is definitely a good option with a finger print sensor. Performance is avg but extremely good battery backup. If someone choose the 3 GB version then, personally I feel Redmi Note 4 2GB version will be preferable. If someone has extremely tight budget and can’t extend more than 11K, then go for the 4GB version any time. But don’t expect a good camera performance. I am bit doubtful about the SOC performance in higher RAM version models. So, go for that version which meet your preference as there are multiple options available from the same brand. So, the basic 2GB version a highly recommended device from me at this budget point of view.

Redmi 4 Review Final verdict

Thanks guys for reading the review. If you have any query, then comment below.

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