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Jio Fiber Offer Rolling Out : Unlimited 100 GB Data Per Month with 100 Mbps Speed

Jio Fiber Offer Rolling Out Unlimited 100 GB Data Per Month with 100 Mbps Speed

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Hello Friends, A Good News to all Jio Network Lover. When Jio has Launched their Service as Jio Preview Offer was Launched, There was a Huge Response at that time. Even now, Other Network Operators are suffering & bearing huge loss because of Jio Internet Offers. As everyone knows how other network Operators used to loot customers with their high cost internet plans & misleading advertisements.

Now, Jio is coming back to hit the Broadband Market this time. Yes, Jio has just Started the Jio Fiber Offer which is Started to Roll Out in some Selected Cities right now. And it will Spread it’s Limit to all over India by this Diwali. So even if your City or Village is not Listed, Don’t Worry wait this Diwali to get your Jio Fiber Connection.

Now Comes to the Jio Fiber Offer Details. Jio Fiber will Offer you 3 Months Free Unlimited Internet Connection Capped at 100 GB/Per Month with 100 Mbps Speed. After You have the 100 GB Data per Month, your Speed will be Decreased to 1 Mbps from 100 Mbps. But next month, you will be again Rewarded with 100 GB Data with 100 Mbps Speed which is Simply Brilliant. But to get the Jio Fiber Connection, you need to Deposit One time Rs. 4500/- which is Refundable. If after 3 months of Usage, you don’t want to Continue with the Jio Fiber Offer, You can Return their Router and you will get your Rs. 4500/- in your Hand. Isn’t it a Well Planned Offer?


That’s not all, Another Confirmation is there. After you have Reached the 100 GB Data Per Month, you need to do a Free Recharge using Jio Website & You’ll be Rewarded back another 40 GB High Speed Data. This Information is come to know from Jio Customer Care.

How to Get your Free Jio Fiber Offer?

You need to Contact to Jio Fiber Customer Care Number : 18008969999 and they will as your for your Details. You can also ask them if you have any Doubts related to the Offer. Now if your City is available for the Jio Fiber Offer, a Engineer will come & Setup the Connection. You need to pay him Rs. 4500 as Security Deposit which Refundable as I’ve already Mentioned.

jio fiber router

Which are the Eligible Cities for Jio Fiber Offer?

  • Mohali
  • Chennai
  • Jaipur
  • Kolkata
  • Mumbai
  • Delhi-NCR
  • Ahmedabad
  • Jamnagar
  • Surat
  • Vadodara

Currently only these Cities are Available for Jio Fiber Offer. You can Expect your City to be Introduced by this Diwali.

Jio is yet to Announce their Plans for their Jio Fiber Service. But I’ve Managed to Get some Data on Expected Plans. I’m not Sure if these are actually announced but you can get an idea about their Future Monthly Plans. So I’m Sharing..

DataSpeed LimitValidityPrice
600 GB/Month15 Mbps30 DaysRs. 500/-
500 GB/Month25 Mbps30 DaysRs. 1000/-
3.50 GB/DayUnknown30 DaysRs. 500/-
Unlimited10 Mbps30 DaysRs. 500/-
Unlimited60 Mbps30 DaysRs. 800/-
UnlimitedUnknown1 DayRs. 400/-



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