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How to Link your Aadhar Card with Mobile Number Sitting at Home

Now you can link your mobile number with your Aadhar Card sitting at home. So, in this post, we will learn how you can do that.

As You Already Know Government has directed all the Mobile users to link Aadhar card with Registered Mobile number by February 6, 2018. But this is causing subscribers few difficulties to link the Aadhar card with mobile number as they have to visit a Retail store and then do all the Bio-metric verification to link the Aadhar card with mobile number successfully.

So Government has come up with new idea and Mechanism to comfort all the subscribers linking their Aadhar card to their mobile number. And this new rules and regulations will be applicable from December 1, 2017 in which they can able to link the Aadhar card with mobile number sitting at their home from online.

With the new mechanism, users don’t need to visit in telecom retail store to get all Bio-metric Tests. Instead they can able to do OTP based verification sitting at their home to verify and link their 12 digit Aadhar Number with SIM card number. In a Tweet, UIDAI has said that from December 1, 2017 all mobile subscribers can choose to verify their mobile number with Aadhar Card without going into any Bio-metric Tests in telecom service providers.

There are two ways by which user can link Aadhar card with mobile number. Firstly they can verify their Aadhar card process online visiting the telecom service providers website. Secondly they can also do their Aadhar card verification using Telco’s voice based IVR Helpline.

Here’s a step by step process on how you can link your Aadhar card with your mobile number sitting at home:

  1. Firstly, a mobile subscriber need to visit their Telecom providers official website for example if you have Vodafone, Airtel, Aircel sim card, you need to visit their official website for your Aadhar Card submission and then you need to enter your mobile number which one you have to verify with your Aadhar card.
  2. In the next Step, the Telecom service provider will send OTP to the mobile number you have provided in their website. You need to verify that OTP in order to link your Aadhar card with that mobile number.
  3. A Consent message box will appear in the screen. Subscribers need to enter the 12 digit Aadhar card in that consent box and make it clear that everything has correctly done.
  4. The telecom service providers will then send an OTP request to UIDAI.
  5. If the Aadhar card number you have provided in the above step is linked with any mobile number then it will send an OTP to that mobile number.
  6. On the next step, the subscriber will see another consent message about e-KYC details from UIDAI. He or she need to verify the OTP accepting the requested terms and condition shown by UIDAI.

Now let us see how you can Link your Aadhaar card with mobile number using voice based IVR helpline

  1. Firstly, the mobile subscribers needed to call their respective telecom service providers IVR number using the mobile number they need to link with Aadhar card.
  2. Then the IVR voice will ask the subscribers sending a consent message asking the mobile number he or she want to get registered with their Aadhar card.
  3. Just like before, the mobile subscriber need to enter that OTP in order to verify that he is the owner of that SIM Card.
  4. Then the IVR voice will ask the mobile subscriber to enter the at 12 digit Aadhar Card number which they want to link with the mobile number.
  5. After the Aadhar card number has been entered the IVR will send another OTP to UIDAI based server that Aadhar Card linked with the mobile number.
  6. In the next step, you need to enter the OTP, You have received to your Aadhar registered mobile number and then accept the terms and condition it is showing as a consent message.
  7. The e-KYC details are now fetched and if it is correct, A successful mobile verification message will appear on the IVR call and also a successful SMS verification message will be received in your mobile number.

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