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How to Create a Personal Note Maker and Bookmaker in Whatsapp Group

Whatsapp: A Personal Note Make & Bookmarker

These days almost every Second person using WhatsApp. When you receive any important Message on WhatsApp what do you do? You save that message in your notes or on a paper right?

What if I say that you use your Whatsapp as your Personal note maker as well as a bookmarker. It’s really strange but very Helpful. You always able to see your important things and remembrance things near you.

Even I had these same issues and to overcome this situation I made WhatsApp as my personal notes making an application.

I don’t want to add a new application just to create notes I don’t bookmark any links because I know my bookmarking list is too long.

Let See How We Do that

  • Download WhatsApp Latest Version from here: Whatsapp
  • After installation Open your WhatsApp.
  • Create a new group on WhatsApp.

  • Add one Friend it and name group name NOTES.
  • Now Remove that Friend From your Group.
  • Now, press back button and open the main screen of your WhatsApp. Click and Hold your WhatsApp group and you will see “Pin” option and pin that group on the top.
  • That’s it and you have successfully created your personal note making group where you can save anything on WhatsApp.

Final Words:

So You Can see that your Very Very important  Chats  Which u want anytime with you  now its available at the front of you. you never miss any data.

In this article, you learned the way you can create WhatsApp as your personal bookmarking application simply by creating a group, adding and removing your friend and by pinning the chat to the top.

I hope this post helps you and after reading this post in your  WhatsApp you make a pinned notes. We Friendly deals help you to give much more Tricks Stay Tunned and bookmark us. Thank You.

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