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Whatsapp Payment is Rolling out in India : How to Activate Whatsapp Pay?

Good News for all who were waiting for the Whatsapp Payment Feature. Whatsapp is now Rolling Out the Most Awaited Feature called Whatsapp Pay in India. But it’s still in the Beta Version for Selected Beta Users of Whatsapp App in Android or iPhone Platforms. The Payment Feature of Whatsapp is pretty much Simple and it also has an immense base specially in India because of the Huge Popularity of Whatsapp as an Messenger App. The Money Transfer Process is also very much Convenient to them who are using any of UPI App. Because in Whatsapp Pay, the Money Transfer will be done using UPI means it will Eliminate all the Mobile Wallets and Other Financial Instrument while Transferring Money and it can also Credit the Money Straight in your Bank Account.

If you are not a Beta User of Whatsapp App, then you might be wondering about the Details of Whatsapp Pay. So in this Post, all those Queries will be Answered…

How to Activate Whatsapp Payment Option called Whatsapp Pay?

Whatsapp Pay is Rolling Out Starting Today in India. But as I have mentioned earlier, Whatsapp Payment update will be available only for the Beta Tester of the Whatsapp App in both of the Platforms which are Android and iOS. To know if you are Eligible to get the Whatsapp Payment Feature, Please Go to the Setting of your Whatsapp & Check what Version you are using. I’m a Beta Tester of Whatsapp and I can Check that my Whatsapp Version is v2.18.46 for Android and in iPhone the Latest Whatsapp Payment Feature is activated in the Version of v2.18.22

WhatsApp Pay Version

So if you are not a user of the Latest Version of Whatsapp, Please Update your App and then go the Settings of the App, You should see a New Option has been added there as “Payment”. But if for any Reason, your Payment Option yet not activated…. Means you are not Eligible for the Official Update of Whatsapp Payments.

Activate Whatsapp Pay

But don’t Worry, You can still get activated your Whatsapp Pay. Wondering how? 

The only thing you require is an Invite from someone who has Whatsapp Payment Activated. So if any of your Social Network Friend has got the Whatsapp Pay Update, Request him/her to Invite you.


Note: Share this Post using your Facebook Account and then Fill this Form to get Whatsapp Pay Update.

Unless, you can also Leave your Whatsapp Number here and I’ll try to send Whatsapp Payment Invite to your Number.

After you get the Invite to join Whatsapp Payments, You need to visit the Settings of Whatsapp App, and you will see the “Payments” Option has been added there.

How to Add bank Account in your Whatsapp Payments?

Adding Your Bank in Whatsapp Pay

So you finally you have activated your Whatsapp Pay Option. And how you don’t know how to Add your Bank Account and Proceed to payments? Well, here’s a Step-by-step Guide on How you can add your Bank Account with Whatsapp Pay.

  1. After you get activated with the Whatsapp Pay Feature, Open the App & Go to the Settings.
  2. You will see a Payments Option is there.
  3. Click on the Payment Option and it will ask you to Select a SIM Card.
  4. Select that SIM Card which is Registered with your Bank Account. If you are using any Other UPI Apps like Google TEZ, PhonePe etc then you might know how this thing works.
  5. Then Whatsapp Pay will show you the Bank Account which is Registered with the SIM Card you have Selected in the previous step.
  6. Click on that Bank Account, and It will get activated within few Seconds.
  7. That’s it, You Bank account is now connected with your Whatsapp Pay.
  8. Now it will ask you to Send your First Payment.
  9. Go Ahead, And send any amount of Payment to your Whatsapp Friends by using the Whatsapp Pay Feature.
  10. This is based on a UPI Transaction, so it will get Credited to your Friend’s Bank Account Directly within a Second (Instant).

List of UPI Banks in Whatsapp Pay

How to Send Payments via Whatsapp Pay?

Send Payments via Whatsapp Pay

As you already know Whatsapp Pay is in Beta Mode and you can Send Payment to only those who have Activated their Whatsapp Pay Feature and then Added their Bank Account within the Whatsapp Payments. So, In Order to help your Friend and Family, you can Share this Article with them and it can also help them to Get Started with Whatsapp Pay.

If you are in a Trusted Whatsapp Group that Enables the Whatsapp Payment Feature, then you can also send Money to that Group. But remember, only send to your Trusted ones. As this a Peer-to-Peer Service, You can’t Send Payments to Verified Whatsapp Business Accounts.

You have activated the Whatsapp Payment Feature and then added your Bank Account with Whatsapp Pay and Ready to Send and Receive Payments, this Guide help your to get that:

  1. After your have Added your Bank Account within the Whatsapp Payments, You will be Directed to Send your First Payment through Whatsapp.
  2. Click on that Link and it will lead you to your Whatsapp Contacts.
  3. Select the Contact to whom you Want to Pay.
  4. If that Contact of your’s has Activated and Added his Bank Account in Whatsapp Pay, You will see that Whatsapp is asking you “What Amount to Send?”
  5. But if that Contact has not yet Setup his Whatsapp Pay Option, You will see an Error Message Conveying that your Contact Need to Setup their Bank Account First, In Order to Send any Payments.
  6. Anyways, After you Put the Amount you want to send and in the Note Section you can Type the Purpose of sending this Money and then Finally Click on the Send Button.
  7. That’s it, You Money will be Deducted from your Connected Bank Account and it will be Credited to your Friend’s Bank Account Instantly.

So Here’s it all… If you have not Revived the Update Yet, I’ll try to Invite using my Personal Whatsapp Account. But I’ve a Small Request, Before you fill the Form for Whatsapp Pay Invite, Please Share this Article using your Facebook Account. Thanks. and do Comment us about What you feel about this New Feature of Whatsapp?

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