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Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale: Is it Genuine? How to Find Loot Deals?

Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale is totally Genuine. This is Annual Sale organized by Flipkart for all its Genuine Buyers. In Big Billion Days Sale, Flipkart gives HUGE DISCOUNTS on almost every product on every category. Even Electronic Items are also Listed with some Insane Price. And It is not like that they will Cancel those Order later-on. After you Place an Order for any Amount which looks Quite Unbelievable, Flipkart will still respect that Order and Deliver to your Home.

I’m a Regular Shopper from Flipkart as well as Amazon from almost 4-5 Years. In fact, I have started Online Shopping when Homeshop18 Selling those Cheap Quality Products using TV Adds long days before. Anyways, I’ve also attained a Number of Sales like Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale and Amazon Great Indian Shopping Festival. Though I’ve got Few Attractive Deals but I’ve also Missed few Insane Deals. What do I mean by Insane Deals? Let me show you…

This is one Deal, I’m talking about. This is a Screenshot of Previous Year Sale which was in 2017. Acer Predator i5 (7th Gen) Gaming Laptop for just Rs. 14,990/- Would you ever Believe this? Because of the Actual Price of that Laptop in 2017 was Approx Rs. 75,000/- I was Unable to Grab it because it gone Vanished in less than a Second. I still Regret on this. But this Year, I can expect many other Similar Deals will be Live again.

And this not it. There are many Other Loot Offers were Live in that 2017 Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale. I remember, Last year Motorola Phones were so much in Trending and 64GB Mobile Phone Prices were so High. But Some Model (I can’t remember of Model Name) of Motorola 64GB Mobile Phone was Live at Only Rs. 9999/- when the actual Price of that Mobile was 45,000/- Then HP i3 6th Gen Laptop was Priced at Rs. 17,490/- when at that time, the actual Price of this Laptop was around Rs. 27,000/- These are some Screenshots.

As a Regular Online Shopper, I have also Grabbed Few Awesome Deals. Even just a Few Days before, I’ve got a Reebok Shoes of Rs. 4,399 for Just Rs. 76/- This might be Funny but it is True. Here you can Check the Screenshot.

It is still in Shipping and will be Delivered by tomorrow. And some Other Deals was also there. But I believe, there’s nothing to show them off as the Question was about the Trustworthiness of Flipkart Big Billion Sale and I think I’ve provided quite a Few Good Examples that How much Important this Sale is for all the Consumers to get their Desired Products at “Never before Price”

Anyways, These Images are from Last Year Flipkart Big Billion Sale. And you already know that the Upcoming Big Billion Sale is Starting from 10th Oct to 14th Oct 2018. Don’t you want to attain this Sale?

But then, You must be thinking of HOW? You must also be Thinking How I get to know about all these Insane Loot Deals? Well, the Answer is Pretty Obvious. As a Long time Online Buyer, I’m in several Online Shopper Communities and even I’ve few Online Communities with many other Members. Whenever Some Loot Deal Appear Somewhere, the Link will be Shared at our Community or Group as well.

Right now, We are Growing our New Telegram Deals Group. In case, If you don’t know, Telegram is a Messenger App just like Whatsapp. But it is far better than Whatsapp. Because in these days, there are so many Fake People in Whatsapp. But Telegram is Quite Clean with Genuine Peoples.

So if you want to Join our Telegram Group before this Year’s Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale & Amazon Great Indian Shopping Festival Sale, Then Install Telegram App from Playstore & Join our Telegram Group now. I’m giving the Invitation Link to Join our Telegram Group at below.

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What Products to Buy on this Years Flipkart Big Billion Day?

In this Offers Session, Both Amazon and Flipkart have Listed so many Products for a LOOT Price. Seriously if you are the one who is not attaining these Big Billion Day Sale of Flipkart or Great Indian Shopping Festival of Amazon only for a Trust Issue, then I’ve to tell you that you are missing something really BIG.

I have never expected that such Deals can be Live in this Sales Session. But I got amazed that even on Electronics Items, Both Flipkart & Amazon have given 50% Discount. Mobiles that are Exclusive and no Discount normally happens on those Mobiles, they are also selling at 3000–5000/- Discount in this Flipkart and Amazon Sale.

Shoes, Jeans, Shirts, and Other Clothing Items Prices are almost Unbelievable. Like I’ve bought ONN Sports Wears (Set of 3) for just Rs. 117/- when the actual Price is 850/- Branded Jeans are Selling ar Rs. 299/- There are so many Branded T-Shirts, Polos available for Rs. 100–150/- There are so many Offers that anyone gets Confused what to Buy and what to let go.

For only these reason, I’ve bagged so many items in this Sale. Clothing, I can’t even count that how many I’ve bagged. And on Electronics, I’ve bought a Laptop, a Mobile Phone, 2.1Amp Quick Charger for just Rs. 99/- and there are many others also. I never expected that I’ll buy these much in this Sale but Seriously speaking, the Offers are so good that you can’t actually control yourself.

I’ve bought a Lenovo Laptop which Normally Cost was 35,000/- I got it for 27,500/- Only. There are Exchange Offers are also going on. Like I have an Old Lenovo Mobile Phone, the Network Connection is not Working in that Phone. I’ve Exchanged that Old Lenovo Phone for an Exchange Value of Rs. 6300/- and got the Brand New Vivo Y83 for just Rs. 5,700/- (Actual Price is 14,000/-) Would you believe it? That’s not all, Canon D300 DSLR Camera which Cost is around Rs. 30,000/- Selling in Flipkart for Just Rs. 16,500/-

So there are so many Offers and Deals, that you will get Confused which one to buy. I’ve Created a Small Group for Sharing all the Deals and Offers in this Sales Session. The Group is Live on Telegram. So if you want to attain this Sale and also want to get all the New Deals Updates, then you can Join our Group.

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Let me share Few Awesome Deals Screenshot from this Big Billion Days and Amazon Sale.

Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale 7

Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale 6

Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale 5

Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale 4

Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale 3

Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale 2

Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale 1

Amazon Great Indian Shopping Festival 6

Amazon Great Indian Shopping Festival 5

Amazon Great Indian Shopping Festival 4

Amazon Great Indian Shopping Festival 3

Amazon Great Indian Shopping Festival 2

Amazon Great Indian Shopping Festival 1

Is Flipkart’s Big Billion Day a Fake Stunt?

I really feel sad for those people who think Flipkart or Amazon is just fooling it’s Customers in the name of Sessional Sales like Flipkart Big Billion Day or Amazon’s Great Indian Shopping Festival. Yes, you have the option to Doubt something, but it’s not a Smart Move when someone is offering your the same item for 40–50% Discount from the normal Rate but still you are not grabbing it because you think there are some Tricks Flipkart or Amazon is doing with you.

Below I’ll share few Screenshots of this Year’s Best Deals that comes in Flipkart and Amazon Sales. But before that I’ll surely clear this Simple doubt of people that Whether Flipkart or Amazon Fooling People using this Big Billion Days Sale?

Well, the Answer is a BIG NOOO. Why? Because being an Affiliate Marketer, I always follow Amazon & Flipkart both Sites. I’m doing this for last few years. So it’s obvious that I know almost all kind of normal Rates of any Product being sold on Flipkart and Amazon. So when a Sale Day Comes, I can Differentiate Product that are Listed with the HUGE Margin of Discount. Just like a Bean Bag. Why I’m especially mentioning about Bean Bag? Because the Courier Guy just Delivered me a Bean Bag now. So let’s take the Example of that Bean Bag only.

Normally a Bean Bag is sold at a Price of Around Rs. 500–800/- Here you can see the Screenshot.

And the Bean Bag that I have bought is now Out of Stock with a Price of Rs. 854/- Here you can see it.

And this same Bean Bag, I’ve bought for Rs. 99/- and today I’ve got the delivery also. Now do you think Flipkart fooled me by selling me the same Bean bag at Rs. 99/- when they are selling it for Rs. 854/- in normal days? Here is the SS that I’ve bought it for Rs. 99/-

This is just an Example. There are so many items that are came into an Insane Price this year. Like almost all the Premium and Exclusive Mobile Phones were selling with 2000–5000 Extra Discount which is totally Unexpected. Because even you know the fact that there no Discount allowed on Exclusive Mobile Phones. Even these Mobile Brands are not allowing Affiliate Marketers with a Commission if they sell their Mobile Phones. But still then, they are giving 2000–5000 Discount on their Exclusive Mobile Phones. You will not see this all the time. I really feel sad for them who missed this years Sale.

But it’s never too late. I am expected another Sale before Diwali or New Year. I’ll also update about that Sale here in Quora. In any case, if you believe my Words are right and Flipkart or Amazon is not actually Fooling Customers but only benefiting them then you can Join my Telegram Channel to get day to day Online Deals Updates.

Yes, I’ve my Telegram Channel and also a Group of People who are connecting with me to get updated with Daily Offers and Discounted Products selling only. If you are also Interested, You can Click here and Join my Telegram Channel.

And if you don’t have a Telegram Account then simply Download the Telegram App from Playstore & Create your Account there then Click here to Join my Telegram Channel.

Why Amazon is Better than Flipkart in India?

Well, I know every people has different Choices. So maybe some people will agree to my thought and Few People will not Agree. But I think Amazon is far far ahead than Flipkart in respect of its Global Presence, Indian Market Dominance, The Level of Discount they Offers, After Sale Service (Customer Oriented) and lot more other things. When I say Customer Oriented after Sale Service that means Amazon is totally valued its Customers. Why I am saying this? I don’t know if you have ever faced this or not, but sometimes when you get a wrong product or defective product, Amazon will instantly give you Refund without even returning that Product. Means here they can easily create issues for not refunding but their Customer Care Executive will directly Offer you Refund without even asking him/her. So that’s what I call Customer Oriented Service.

That’s not all, I’ve also found in this 5 Years of my Affiliate Career that Amazon has better Offers than Flipkart. Even someones I’ve found Flipkart’s Big Billion Day Sale Discount can’t match Amazon’s Normal Day Product Price. So you can think about how aggressive Amazon is in terms of Product Pricing. Amazon always offers the Best Price available for that Product. So whenever I need to buy anything, Blindly I visit Amazon and Order that product knowing very well that this will be the Lowest Price available Online.

I want to show some Images of recent Deals Amazon has Offered to its Customers. These Screenshots I’ve taken to Share among my Group Followers.

Another Point which makes Amazon better than Flipkart is the Coverage. Yes, Amazon has the Biggest Coverage in India. Even those Small Villages are also in reach of Amazon Delivery Services. But Flipkart somehow not reaching to the most of the Small Town and only Limited to it’s Big City Players.

Amazon has also got the advantage of its Pantry Services. Means how Amazon Pantry is so much popular in Cities that Hardly people want to go outside from Grocery Shopping. Just Open the Amazon Pantry App and Order with the Best Discount on those Pantry Products. That’s not all, on the first 3 days of the month, when you buy your Groceries from Amazon, it will provide you with extra Cashback Offers. Like if you buy Groceries worth Rs. 4000/- then you can get Rs. 1000/- as Cashback. But Flipkart has nowhere stood here.

There are many other reasons too. That’s why I always prefer Amazon over Flipkart. Though I know that many people will say Flipkart is Best. No Grudges against them. Because Flipkart is also doing very Good in India. And very very Popular Shopping Destination for Huge Customers.

If you want to get regular Offers and Loot Deals Update, You can Join our Telegram Channel.

If you don’t know what is Telegram, then let me tell you that Telegram is a Messenger App just like Whatsapp. But Telegram is better because of it’s Security Features. So you can Download Telegram App from Playstore and Register there. Then Click on the below Link to Join Our Official Deals and Offers Sharing Group.

Does Amazon Cheats on it’s Customers?

You have to Understand that By Cheating Customers, you can Survive for few days or if you are very Lucky, then Few Months. By Cheating Customers, No one can be the Top E-Commerce Site in India for last 5 Years. I don’t know if majority of you will agree with me or not, but it’s a Fact.

I’m not denying that Few have some Issues with Amazon like Return issue, Refund issue and because of the Hard Feeling, they think that Amazon do the same thing with Everyone. But this is not the case.

I’ve Started my Online Shopping from Homeshop18 Time. Do you remember those TV Promotions of Homeshop18 and then Ordering Products by Calling them? Yes, I’ve Started using E-Commerce Site from that long time. After that the Journey of Amazon, Flipkart 2 of the Biggest E-Commerce Sites started in India. Then other also joined like Paytm, Snapdeal, Tata Cliq eBay India etc.

So from that Experience, I’ve few bad experience also in past when I was totally new. But then when I got to know how things are actually working, I am always 1 step ahead from them. But it can be understandable that when you are new and you don’t have any idea how to order or if online tractions are actually safe with Amazon, Flipkart like Sites or How to Return products or if you return, whether they refund you or not..!! And by thinking all these, you always take the wrong decision.

Recently, Flipkart and Amazon Celebrate this Navratri, Diwali with Back to Back 3 Mega Sale or Indian Shopping Festivals or Flipkart Calls it as Big Billion Day. In these Sales, they are offering 50–60% Discount on almost every Category of Products. I’ve also Bought tons of Products from all these Sales. And I’m so happy because I got many Awesome Deals.

Like I’ve Purchased a Acer Laptop for just Rs. 8,690/- by Exchanging with my 8 Years old Laptop. The New Price of that Laptop is 23,000 in Normal Days. Here in the below SS, you can see that the Buying Price showing 9,690/- But there is also 1000 Cashback is there, so the Final Effective Price is 8,690/-

The Price of the Laptop is showing 16,990/- but it is a Promotional Price because of the Sale. After Sale, the Normal Price is Rs. 22,813/- Here you can see.

This is not the only one, I’ve also Ordered 15–20 Other Products also for Prices like Insane or Unbelievable.

Like Check this Slippers Costing Rs. 224/- But I’ve Placed an Order for Rs. 99/- Only.

Or this Maxima Watch Costing Rs. 980/- But I’ve Ordered this for Rs. 551/- Now the thing here is Shopkeepers normally don’t want to give handy Discount on Wrist Watches. So to get 50% Discount on a Branded Wrist Watch from Maxima is a Big Thing.

So the thing is, if you know what you are buying and how to get the after sale Services, then Buying Online would be a Blessing for you. I can share many Other Product Deals Images that is really Unbelievable. But because this Answer is getting very Big now, So I’m keeping them Aside.

Okay, Let’s share few… I know you guys want to see them right? 😉

Fasttrack Sunglasses for Rs. 318/-

You must be Wondering, How I get such Awesome Deals. Well, I’m also a Deal Finder and I have to do this because of my Followers. Yes, I’ve a Family of my Followers in Telegram and I share these kind of Deals with them. They got happy with such Awesome Deals and also I got happy with my Affiliate Commissions.

If anyone of you want to Join my Telegram Group, Then you can Download the Telegram App from Playstore and then Register yourself.

After that Click on this Link to Join my Telegram Group.

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