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We are back with an exclusive trick to convert MobiKwik cashback to bank account. We all are familiar with the terms and conditions of Mobikwik app. They do not allow us to transfer the loyalty cashback amount to bank. According to them, we can use this cashback for recharge only at the Mobikwik platform. However, most people do not like to recharge with their cashback amount. They want to convert it into real cash and get the amount into the bank account. We at 18dealz, try to bring solutions for all such problems. Therefore today we are posting this exclusive trick to convert Mobikwik cashback into real cash.

Nowadays, most e-wallet platforms make sure that the cashback amount is used on their platform itself and not converted into real cash. However, there is always a loophole using which we can get our money out. If they get smart we get smarter. So if you want to convert your Mobikwik cashback into real cash reading this post.

Which Software Will We Use To Convert Mobikwik cashback into bank?

In this trick we will use the latest payment solutions platform, Instamojo. It is a very powerful tool using which you can convert your entire Mobikwik cashback to bank account. Not only cashback, you can also transfer your normal wallet balance to bank account with some minimal charges. This trick is 100% legal and don’t be afraid that your account will be blocked.

Instamojo is a payment Solution company which provides payment links to individuals to accept payment. Hence, you can register yourself as a merchant, without even uploading any paper. Then you can use this payment link to accept payment via your own Mobikwik account.

MobiKwik trick to convert cashback to bank account

This is one of the easiest and safest method to convert your wallet balance and cashback balance to your bank account. So use this Mobikwik trick today, before it gets patched. Follow the steps to convert your wallet money into bank account.

Note: you can transfer only the loyalty cashback and wallet balance of Mobikwik, using this Mobikwik trick. This trick is not applicable for MobiKwik supercash. Also, you will have to pay a small 2 – 3% transaction fees, but that doesn’t matter much.

MobiKwik Trick: Transfer Cashback to bank account

  • First of all, you go to the instamojo official website.
  • Sign up as a Merchant
  • Now filling your personal details and expected payment turnover.
  • After that you will be taken to the instamojo dashboard. There you will find a button called generate payment link.
  • Once you click on generate payment link, you will get a URL.
  • Copy this URL to your clipboard
  • now paste this URL in the Incognito mode
  • Here the trick to convert your MobiKwik balance to bank account starts
  • In incognito mode of payment page will open
  • you don’t need to login or sign up
  • simply file in your name and mobile number.
  • On payment page click on wallets
  • Select MobiKwik
  • Login with your Mobikwik ID and boom!
  • Pay the entire amount you have in your Mobikwik account.
  • once the payment is completed, you will get a notification that you have received the payment in instamojo.
  • this payment will be directed to your bank account directly within two to three working days.

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