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PayZapp Loot: ₹250 Cashback Every Month By Making Your Own Bharat QR

Everyone is looting the well know PayZapp Bharat QR Offer and making free money every month. However, most people were having difficulty in looting the offer because most Bharat QR applications charged hefty sum of money for the transaction. So is there any way to completely remove the Bharat QR charges to maximize profits? Yes, we have found out an exclusive trick to transfer money via Bharat QR without paying a single rupee fees. Hence, it is a big payzapp loot as you are getting flat ₹250 free money without doing any major task. This offer is amazing and has been helping many people to make easy ₹250 every month.

The payzapp Bharat QR offer gives free ₹250 cashback every month to all the customers. You just have make 2 transactions worth ₹2500 in total in order to get 10% cashback. The 10% cashback is given to the customers every month. We have found out a special and new app which operates on the Bharat QR platform. It is basically an application which is a payments solution for individuals and businesses. You can create your own Bharat QR code and make payment to yourself. We have mentioned down the steps to make your own QR code and get payzapp loot easily. Therefore, do no miss the opportunity to grab free money using the payzapp loot.

PayZapp Trick: Do Bharat QR transactions without Any Charges:-

1. Download Payzapp and complete Kyc.

2. Download app Payswiff Set for Bharat QR.

3. Create 2 txns of Rs 1300 and Rs 1200 and pay via Payzapp (You can put whatever amount but make sure it is less than 2000 to avoid charges)

4. Pay only via bank debit cards to avoid charges (Don’t pay via Payzapp prepaid card, credit card, virtual cards)

5. Next day full amount of Rs 2500 in your bank account without any charges and after 10 days Rs 250 in Payzapp wallet.

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About the Author: Brien Watson

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  1. This is not fair what PayZapp is doing. People used to do daily transaction of RS 15 lakh via payswifft using Bharat QR but now as its the time for cashback. PayZapp changed its terms and condition this is not fair.

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