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(Exclusive) Trick to Convert Amazon Pay Balance to Bank Gift Cards

The e-wallet applications are extremely beneficial for the customers because they offer an unlimited number of offers. These recharge and bill payment offers help customers to save a lot of money every month. Moreover, there are frequent offers on merchant websites like Swiggy and other essential websites. Hence, the customers have a good amount of money in the wallet at the end of the month. So what to do with this accumulated cashback amount? Most people try to perform on a number of tricks in order to get the money converted and end up losing them. Hence, you must use a verified trick to convert the wallet balance of Amazon pay to a bank gift card.

We have found an exclusive way which will help you in converting the Cashback balance of Amazon pay to the bank gift card. Many people think that they can directly by some gift voucher from a different website and pay using the Amazon pay balance. However, there is really any website which will help you in buying gift vouchers or converting from Amazon pay to bank. The new trick is 100% verified and your amount will get transferred from Amazon pay to bank gift card. These gift cards can be used exclusively on any website which will help you in transferring the money to your bank account.

What is a bank gift card?

A Bank gift card is basically a virtual debit card which you can purchase using the Amazon pay balance. Hence, you can convert the entire cashback balance of Amazon pay into a debit card balance. The bank debit card can be used anywhere like a normal debit card. Hence, you can withdraw the money anywhere you want. For instance, you can simply use the debit card and load money in applications like PhonePe or Paytm. Moreover, you can also use the virtual bank card for shopping on any website which accepts Visa debit cards. Hence, there is no more limitation of using the money on websites which have Amazon pay gateway.

Amazon Pay to Bank Credit Trick

Steps to convert balance from Amazon Pay to Bank Gift Card:-

It is really easy to transfer the Amazon pay balance into a bank gift card using a new website. The new website is amazing and helps you in converting a different kind of balances from one form to another. Similarly, the website also provides a virtual Bank gift card which can be purchased using Amazon pay. Hence, you can use the entire balance on your Amazon pay account to purchase the bank gift card. This means that the Amazon pay balance now becomes the virtual gift card balance. The virtual gift card can be used anytime and anywhere on websites and platforms which accepts Visa debit card.

For instance, users can generate their own merchant account or simply shop on any website and get their Amazon pay balance mobilized into real cash. The real cash will give you the power of using the money anywhere you want. Hence, there is no need to wait for any offer in order to use the Amazon pay balance. Below are the steps to convert the Amazon pay balance into real balance.

How to Convert Amazon Pay Balance to Bank Gift Voucher?

  1. Visit the newly launched Gift Cards India website.
  2. Log in or sign up to a new account
  3. now you will get the option of purchase in different kinds of gift cards and gift vouchers
  4. Click on the HDFC virtual Bank gift card and proceed.
  5. then enter the amount of gift card that you want to purchase depending upon your Amazon pay balance
  6. No check out and complete the payment using Amazon pay.
  7. Your Amazon pay balance is now successfully converted into Bank gift card.
  8. Use the bank gift card for loading money on different applications or websites.

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