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[Verified] Brave Browser Loot : Get Rs. 280 On Signup & Rs. 350 Per Refer

Brave Browser Refer

Brave Browser is a Simple Browser based on Chromium Platform. Basically, we all use Chrome Browser for our daily access of the Internet. Because of the Convenience and Speed of the Chrome Browser, it has the largest User using it. And even I love to use the Chrome Browser.

But what if I tell you even a Better Browser is there? Which has better Access Speed than Chrome? You can Open Websites much more Faster than Chrome. Yes, that is Brave Browser. And the best part is that this Brave Browser is built on Chromium Platform so you will feel like you are not using Chrome. All the Features are similar to Chrome.

The Advantage of using this Brave Browser is a lot more. You can earn Rs. 280/- each Month for using Brave Browser. Just Download and Install the Brave Browser from this link, and Start using it. Daily 30 Mins Usage for the next 30 Days. That’s it, you will get Rs. 280/- in your Brave Browser Wallet.

How to Download Brave Browser and Get Rs. 280/- ??

  1. Download & Install App:
  2. Click on become a creator.
  3. Create Account & Verify Email.
  4. Now Click On Add Channel & Enter your Gmail and add your YouTube account. Create a Youtube Channel if you don’t have.
  5. Now Go Back & Click On Get Started On Refer Your Fans Banner.
  6. Click On Activate Promo & Refer friends with Your Refer Link.
  7. Now open the brave browser and click on triangle sign on the top right corner.
  8. Create a wallet where you will see your earnings.

brave browser


You will receive a referral bonus when your friend opens the brave browser for 30 days. So, Keep using Brave Browser daily for more earnings.

You need to go to the same link received earlier to create an account on Uphold and connect to brave to receive your earnings from brave rewards to cryptocurrency in Uphold.

Note: You will get all this money in CryptoCoins and you can also convert it into bitcoin.

Personally Fully Verified By Me, Money Received Today In Uphold Account.

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