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Unlimited PayPal Virtual Card Trick: Now Avail All PayPal Cashback Offers

Unlimited PayPal Virtual Card Trick: Most people aware of the unlimited paypal offers that are running from almost 6 months. The company has lately entered in Indian market and is regularly providing 50 to 100% cash back on almost all merchandise. Many people have looted the the cashback offers and have on thousands of rupees. However, PayPal understood that people were using the virtual cards from different e-wallet applications to get cashback. Therefore, they removed them from the system and one cannot use any wallet virtual card for getting cash back from paypal now.

PayPal loot

Now everyone is searching for a new method to get virtual cards which are working on the paypal cashback offers. Are you searching for one such card? We have got a new unlimited paypal virtual card trick using which you can generate unlimited number of virtual card and loot any paypal cashback offer. IRCTC has launched its own mudra platform which can be used for getting virtual cards. The IRCTC platform will help you in getting unlimited paypal virtual cards. It is a great opportunity to avail all the hundred percent cashback offers.

The new virtual cards are working on paypal currently and can be used for availing all the cashback offers. Currently, there are offers on different merchandise like dream11 and bewakoof. However, users must not use any cancel trick for this loot. This is because the virtual card is from any wallet application and it takes more than 45 days for settlement of the cancelled transaction. So, simply use it on any merchandise and get cashabck as per the terms.

Unlimited PayPal Virtual Card Trick

  • Download the iMudra app from PlayStore. It is an IRCTC product.
  • Register and Do Mini KYC
  • Then apply and Get A Virtual Card
  • Now Create A new PayPal Account and Link Card
  • And Make Transactions on any website where the PayPal cashback offer is going on
  • Unlimited Tricks : Create a New Account on Matchmove Pay and Get Card
  • Note : You Can Add One Card In 2 PayPal Account
  • Don’t do refund related transactions by this card , because it’s a wallet and it will take upto 45 days for crediting refund back.

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