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Pubg Royal Pass Trick: Buy It For ₹40 Only And Get UC Credits

Pubg Royal Pass trick – Pubg is one of the most famous games and it has become an important part of our lives. The game has been extremely popular among the players and its still remains as the most famous RPG game in its category. There are a lot of features in the game. You might be aware of the pubg Royal pass which is required for the event mode. The players have to pay a specific amount of money used in the UC credits for real money in order to get the pubg Royal pass.

exclusive pubg Royal pass trick

PUBG UC Loot: Get 8000 + 2100 Free Game Credit [Details Below]

However, it is a common observation that people do not like to waste money on gaming. So are you planning to buy the royal pass? We have got an exclusive pubg Royal pass trick using which you can get it at just rupees 40 and you will also receive UC credits. The trick is very simple and you have to follow a few simple steps in order to get the pubg Royale pass at a used to come. Hence, the players must not miss this opportunity to grab the item at discount. The trick is very simple and you have to follow only four to five steps in order to get the benefits.

Pubg Royal Pass Trick Steps:- 

Get royal pass in ₹40 and free UC

1. Go to Pubg and click on UC then select first option 60 UC @ 79 rupees (and now you will redirected for the payment)

2. now there is three options at debit card or credit card and add net banking or redeem gift card then click add netbanking , now it will ask for your address now fill any address And a 10 digit phone number.

3. now select your bank for net banking and proceed , then there is a final option for buy.

4. now the main step don’t buy just click back button one time only one time.

5. Now a message will SHOW wow congratulations you are eligible for 75 rupees discount then don’t back or don’t click on no thanks just continue. And pay rupees 4 only.

6. Go to settings and remove your Google account by which you purchased. And clear all data of Play Store.

7. Then login via another id in Play Store and do again the same process .

Only old gmail ids are working. Clear pubg cache files after every purchase



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