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[Answers Added] Amazon Today’s Quiz Contest: All Quiz Answers

Amazon has always been known for its amazing marketing ideas and offers. A few months ago, Amazon launched its quiz platform to engage customers. The amazing Amazon quiz offers 100’s of gifts and offers to all participants. We regularly update all amazon quiz timings as well as the latest answers, so that you can win the quiz contest and get attractive gifts.

If you are looking forward to winning the Amazon quiz then follow all the answers we provide. Simply fill up the answers and hope for the best. These quizzes are more like a lottery and lucky draw contests because almost everyone fills in the right answer using the internet. Additionally, you should also fill up the answers quickly to increase your probability of winning.

Amazon Quiz Time:

On Different Occasions or Festivals, Amazon tends to Bring it’s Quiz Contest back for the Amazon App Users. And only because of these Daily Quiz Time, I’ve also Installed the Amazon App in my Phone though I always use a Laptop. You can accept or deny but Today Amazon Quiz is getting very Popular and you can also see there are too many Screenshots are available in Twitter Tagging to show the Gifts people Won in Today’s Amazon Quiz Contest. So when people are actually Winning Price in Amazon Quiz, then why not giving it a try, Right?

So to Participate in Today’s Amazon Quiz Contest, You just need to Download the Official Amazon App from Playstore and then Login to your Amazon Account. Let me clear here that there’s no connection between participating in Amazon Quiz Contest Today and Having an Amazon Prime Account. Means,  even if you don’t have an Amazon Prime Account, you can still Participate in Today’s Quiz Contest by Amazon.

Amazon Daily Quiz Time Answers:

In this Post, We will update all the Questions and Answer of the Daily Amazon Quiz Contests. You can Bookmark this Post and Revisit us whenever you see a New Quiz Contest in Amazon’s Official App. We will try to Update all the Questions with Answers of Daily Amazon Quiz Contests. If you can Answer all the Question of Amazon Quiz Contest by Participating it, Who knows, you can also be one of the Winners of the Contest and can Win Awesome Prizes from Amazon.

How to Participate in Amazon Today Quiz Time:

Participating in Amazon Quiz Contest is very Simple. Today I will tell you how you can Participate in Amazon Quiz Contest in Detailed Step-by-Step Process. You can follow these Exact Steps to Participate in Amazon Quiz Contest. And after Participating, if you win a Daily Quiz Contest, means if you are that Lucky then you will get a very Attractive Gift from Amazon.

So here’s the process on how you can Participate in the Amazon Daily Quiz Contest:

  1. Download the Amazon Official App from Playstore.
  2. Now open the App and Login to your Account.
  3. You don’t need to be an Amazon Prime Customer to participate in Amazon Quiz Contest.
  4. Now on the Homepage, You will see that the Quiz Contest Banner is showing Related to Today’s Amazon Quiz.
  5. Just Click on that Banner.
  6. Then Come to this Post, to Get all the Amazon Quiz Answers.
  7. Now just Answer all the Questions and Answers I’ve mentioned here.
  8. After the Last Question Answered, Share the Screenshot with the Specific Tag written there using your Twitter Account.
  9. Done, you have Successfully Answered all the Questions of Amazon Quiz Contest.
  10. Now, wait, On the Result Date, Amazon will Announce the Winners in their Official Twitter Account.
  11. If you are one among them, Then you will also get an Email from Amazon’s end.

Amazon Today Quiz Answers:

Amazon quiz lets you win big prizes. These prizes are not like ₹100-500. Amazon offers gifts like mobile phones and other valuable products. During Amazon riddles, they provide up to ₹5000. Many people ask if these quizzes are genuine or not. Hence, be informed that Amazon quiz is completely genuine. Many of our answer followers have won cash prize’s as well as mobile phones. These quiz’s and riddles are sponsored by various big companies. The gift is directly sent to you once you win.

Amazon Quiz Answers – 18th FEBRUARY 2019

1. Which is the smallest state in India?

Answer – Goa

2. If you write a letter to ‘HOH OHO, Canada’ – whose postal code would you be writing to?

Answer – Santa Claus

3. Which of these is NOT a fire-element sign from the Zodiac?

Answer – Aquarius

4. MS Dhoni has never scored a century in any match outside Asia.

Answer – True

5. Photoshop, Premier Pro and Illustrator are programs belonging to which software company?

Answer – Adobe inc.

Amazon Quiz Answers – 13th FEBRUARY 2019

Q1.How many states and union territories does India comprise of?

A1. 29 states and 7 union territories

Q2.What type of Government does India operate under?

A2. parliamentary

Q3.The deepest point on Earth lies 36,000 feet below sea level. Where can you find it?

A3. Mariana Trench

Q4.Which of these Avengers superheroes is NOT from Earth?

A4. thor

Q5.‘Survival of the fittest’ is a phrase that we commonly use. It is derived from the theories of which famous scientist?

A5. Charles darwin

Amazon Quiz Answers – 10th FEBRUARY 2019

Q1. Which planet in our solar system has the shortest day?

A1 – Jupiter

Q2. Serena Williams has won more Grand Slams than Roger Federer.

A2 – True

Q3. Which fruit is thrown during the annual food-fight festival in Bunol, Spain?

A3 – Tomato

Q4. who is the youngest person to ever be awarded the Nobel prize?

A4 – Malala Yousafzai

Q5 : In 1971, Alan Shepard played ____ on the moon, making him the only person to ever play this sport anywhere other than Earth. Which sport was it?

A5 – Golf

Amazon Quiz Answers – 8th JANUARY 2019

Q1.: Coco, Cars and Inside Out are all films produced by which animation film company?
Answer: Pixar

Q2.: Which is the only planet in our solar system that is not named after figures from Greek or Roman mythology?
Answer: Earth

Q3.: In the Marvel Universe, who is the Scarlet Witch’s twin brother?
Answer: Quicksilver

Q4.: Which is the world’s largest land carnivore?
Answer: Polar Bear

Q5.: Who recently took charge as the first Chief Justice of Telangana High Court?
Answer: TB Radhakrishnan

Amazon Quiz Answers – 31th DECEMBER 2018

Q1. Which is the only sea in the world without any coasts?
Answer. Sargasso Sea

Q2. Along with Spain and France, which is the only other country to have both Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines?Answer. Morocco

Q3. Which of the following superheroes was NOT a founding member of the X-Men?
Answer. Wolverine

Q4. If you were a cartographer, what would you be studying?
Answer. Maps

Q5. Which mountain peak is farthest from the center of the Earth?
Answer. Mount Chimborazo

Amazon Quiz Answers – 8th DECEMBER 2018

Today’s Amazon Quiz(8th December, 2018)
Answer & get a chance to win ₹500 as Amazon pay Balance for 100 customers

1. The collective noun for a group of kittens is a ‘_____ of kittens’. Fill in the blanks.

Answer : Kindle.

2. Which country was formerly called Ceylon?

Answer : Sri Lanka.

3. Panthera Tigris is the scientific name for which well known animal?

Answer : Tiger.

4. In the popular TV show ‘The Simpsons’, what is the name of the beer that is served in the town of Springfield?

Answer : Duff.

5. Considered to be the oldest neutral country, which country has not fought in any wars since 1814?

Answer : Sweden.

Amazon Quiz Answers – 30th November 2018

Q1. Which of these is not a micronutrient?

Ans- vitamins

Q2. Fudgi, a folk dance performed by women is originate in this region/state.

Ans- Goa/Konkan

Q3. State Bank of India was previously known as?

Ans- Imperial Bank of India.

Q4. National Sports of Bangladesh

Ans- Kabaddi

Q5. National milk Day in India.

Ans – November 26th.


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